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A Quick Guide to the Transfer of Training Process.

The success of any training program hinges on its ability to translate learned skills and knowledge into real-world application. This concept, known as transfer of training, is a complex interplay between various factors.

Imagine a graph with time on the X-axis and failure to transfer rate (high to low as it elevates) on the Y-axis. Ideally, the curve would arch upwards as time increases, signifying a decreasing failure transfer rate as skills become ingrained.

Several elements influence this curve. 

  • Trainee characteristics, such as cognitive ability and motivation.

  • The design of the training program itself is also critical.

  • The work environment is another key factor. Does the employee feel supported?  Are there mentorship and ongoing support?

Training transfer is also heavily influenced by the fidelity of the simulation. The closer the simulation replicates the real-world experience, both cognitively and physically, the better the transfer of skills, knowledge, and the ability to achieve desired outcomes.

High fidelity simulations, coupled with multi-sensory experiences that create a truly immersive environment, are ideal. Combine this with a well-designed training program, motivated trainees, and a supportive work environment, and you have a recipe for success.

This approach fosters a strong sense of "presence" within the training, where trainees connect emotionally with the objectives. 

The result? 

Improved performance within the training itself, which translates to a steeper upward curve on the transfer graph, signifying a more efficient and successful transfer of skills in a shorter timeframe.

This platform is dedicated to promoting and facilitating the adoption of simulators and simulation implementation within training programs. By advocating for high-fidelity simulations and providing resources on effective training design, The Champion's Path helps bridge the gap between the learning environment and the real world.


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