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Crisis Response Leader Training Review

Updated: Apr 5

Jared here with an exciting review of CRLT Crisis Response Leader Training simulation called “The Incident” 

CRLT isn't your average leadership training program. It's a virtual crucible where emergency managers, incident commanders, security professionals, etc. face the heat of crisis scenarios in what I like to call a high-stakes chess match of real-world consequences. This innovative software transcends traditional training methods, offering a blended approach that integrates engaging 3D environments with learning management systems for a truly immersive and transformative experience. 

This simulation gamifies crisis management, putting you at the helm in simulated emergencies ranging from active shooters, workplace violence, and other safety and security crises. You'll master lockdown procedures, coordinate casualty collection, manage initial medical lifesaving care, test existing security protocols, and navigate locations such as places of worship, office environments, recreational venues, and of course local schools. Every choice carries weight, every move reflects your leadership acumen, making each scenario a critical learning opportunity. 

CRLT taps into the familiar language of video games, leveraging resource and asset management, multi-agency collaboration, and scene command and control mechanics to build a deeply engaging training experience. The immersive 3D environments heighten the sense of presence, creating a visceral understanding of the pressure and complexities of managing real-world crises. Think of it as the ultimate training ground for adaptive decision-making, strategic resource allocation, and seamless inter-agency communication. 

This simulation goes beyond traditional explicit instruction. Through its turn-based strategy and A.I. behavior algorithms, it fosters implicit learning, where skills and competencies are developed through experience and reflection. As you navigate challenging scenarios, interact with those artificial intelligent NPCs, and analyze feedback, you internalize best practices and hone your leadership instincts. This implicit learning process leads to deeper understanding, greater confidence, and more effective real-world performance. 

The pros for this training solution go on and on. It's a revolutionary turn based educational approach to preparing leaders for the ever-evolving landscape of crisis situations. Its immersive simulations, gamified mechanics, and focus on implicit learning provide a powerful platform for honing leadership skills. In a world where preparedness is the difference between chaos and control, CRLT is an asset for any organization dedicated to safety and effective crisis response. 


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