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Enhancing AR/VR Training: The Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS) for Moving Targets (MT)

What is an Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS) for Moving Targets (MT) in AR/VR?

The MT-ITS consists of two main parts:

1. A Smart Sight System that gives trainees a visual cue to help them adjust their point of aim by considering the target's speed, direction, and distance.

2. Analytical feedback on shooting performance for trainees.

This contributes to the fidelity of the VR/AR training experience. From my previous institutional investigations on immersion, presence, and performance, adding modality to an experience engages the trainee on a higher psychological level. Higher immersion leads to better participation- better participation leads to higher presence- higher presence aids the trainee in improved real-world performance.

Additionally, the MT-ITS supports explicit-to-implicit training methodologies vs implicit-to-explicit standard practice. An explicit training methodology involves conscious and deliberate learning of specific skills (point of aim/analytical feedback), while an implicit training methodology involves learning through repeated exposure and practice without explicit instruction (live fire trial and error on moving targets).

As they continue to train with the system, the explicit feedback becomes ingrained in the subconscious, facilitating a transition to implicit learning, where skills are honed through repeated practice and experience.

Does your LE/MIL training simulation have MT-ITS embedded software?


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