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Perception and the Effectiveness of Training: Virtual Simulations Training

How are trainees perceiving the training and its effectiveness?

I've discussed Presence vs Performance, but what about the Perception of Effectiveness?

According to this study, 417 participants underwent scenario-based simulated training for the proper use of force.

The results:


4.46/5 avg rating- The participants were in agreement about the necessity for tactical training.

4.93/5 avg rating- The participants would recommend the training to fellow officers.

83.2% of participants indicated that the simulator was 'more effective' than other law enforcement training.

90.1% of participants reported that the simulator training provided preparation for police-civilian encounters that were 'above average'.

Municipal police department participants were among the strongest group to advocate for the effectiveness of the training.

It is clear that most participants involved perceived the simulation training to be of great value regardless of their characteristics. This is consistent with numerous studies that found that when learners have a positive perception of the experience, they are more likely to engage with the material, be motivated to apply what they've learned and feel confident in using their new knowledge in real-world situations.

Moving Target Intelligent Tutoring System for Marksmanship Training
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