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The Champion's Path Spotlight: A.U.Fire Wound Kits

Updated: Apr 5

Think of traditional simulated injury in training, how many times have we had to pretend our arm is immobilized or 550 corded when training to cross draw or reload, applying tourniquets all with one hand. It doesn't really replicate the real chaos of a gun battle while wounded.  

With A.U.Fire sim kits, there is no need for pretending. 

These kits utilize safe Electrical Muscle Stimulation technology and I’ll leave a link to their medical whitepaper for you to review.  

These Neuromuscular Kits are worn by trainees, and with a remote control, the instructors can trigger targeted muscle contractions, simulating the effects of gunshot wounds or other immobilizing injuries. 

Imagine getting into a gun battle, you feel the sudden, incapacitation of being shot in the arm. The adrenaline surges, your problem-solving kick in – how do you adapt, how do you overcome, you have a few minutes to stop the threat, stop the bleeding, how can you become experienced enough to think clearly and see actionable options to save your life?  

A.U.Fire forces you to think critically under pressure by replicating and simulating an immobilizing wound. 

There needs to be a balance between physical skills, training marksmanship, rehearsing TTPs, hand to hand, soft skills like communicate and the ability to influence people during conversations, but what about mental skills to maintain composure, focus and understand the situation clearly to keep options available.  

Experiencing simulated wounds in a safe environment, trainees develop stress inoculation, build intense focus & concentration to see what decisions are available to make and maintain superiority. 

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