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Unveiling the Power of Simulation Training: Combining Traditional Methods for Enhanced Performance

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

In my recent poll, 100% of participants favored combining virtual simulation training with traditional methods.


With limited available literature on the post-performance outcomes of Law Enforcement and the Military utilizing our platforms and the lack of quantifiable data regarding the impact of presence on performance (XR), it becomes necessary for us to rely on analogous studies for further insights.

If we are to incorporate simulation training alongside traditional methods, then we must first answer the "how" to do so effectively.

According to this BioMed Central Advances in Simulations study, the idea of implementing Cognitive Load theory-based design principles in virtual reality simulation training was put to the test.

Incorporating virtual reality (VR) periods of instruction involved utilizing both bottom-up (implicit to explicit) and top-down (explicit to implicit) instructional methods. To determine the most effective implementation of VR, post-training reaction times were measured.


  • Explicit knowledge refers to information or knowledge that is consciously and clearly expressed or stated. It is knowledge that can be easily articulated, documented, or communicated in a formal and direct manner.


  • Implicit knowledge refers to knowledge that is implied, understood, or embedded within an individual's actions, behaviors, or experiences.

The Conclusions:

In this VR simulation training study, the standard instructions with a top-down approach to initial training were found to provide less cognitive load and better performance compared to instructions using worked examples followed by a problem-completion task.

The Implications:

1- Consider the effectiveness of top-down instruction

2- Evaluate the complexity of integrated procedures

3- Explore cognitive load-reducing strategies

As a leader, understanding the importance of using virtual simulation training alongside traditional methods helps you make better decisions, improve training results, make the most of resources, and create exciting learning experiences.


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