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Virtual Reality in Military Decision-Making Training

Check out this 2023 published decision-making training study.

2D video system, VR system, and live fire scenario comparison study.


Sense of presence was reported higher in VR than 2D - I have investigated studies on presence vs performance for VR training conducted on medical staff. It has been reported that high presence and fidelity have had no measurable impact on the level of performance.

2D video provided little challenge for making shoot/don’t-shoot judgments- a possible explanation for this is the limited 2d video options. Consequently, providing very little room for improvement.

VR and live fire were more comparable with slightly reduced detection sensitivity and longer reaction times in VR. These differences could be a function of additional cognitive load in VR or simply a difficulty in discerning the visual details of the environment.


Speculation from this trial is that live fire may be most effective in training followed by repetitive drills within VR practicing what was previously learned.

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