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What is "The Champion's Path"

Updated: Mar 6

What is "The Champion's Path"

The Champion's Path is an initiative designed to bring the training simulation community together for the purposes of:

  • Competition breeds innovation ultimately fostering success and focus for the end user.

  • Engage in insightful discussions with industry leaders and renowned experts through live sessions and recorded video content.

  • Dive deep into the world of simulations & training systems through comprehensive articles.

  • Connect with a community of passionate professionals.

  • Brings awareness of cutting-edge solutions to appropriate end users.

Who are "The Champion's"

It's crucial to remember who ultimately benefits: The Champion's themselves. These champions encompass the brave individuals on the front lines, including military personnel, law enforcement officers, emergency medical service providers, and other key community responders. The simulation and training solutions developed are meticulously crafted to enhance their skills, bolster their confidence, inoculate stress and ultimately, ensure their safety and success in real-world scenarios.


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