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Crisis Management Simulations

C3 Pathways

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Most active shooter training focuses on tactics to stop the shooter. This leaves responders struggling to manage the scene and the clock trying to rescue victims before they bleed to death — a critical training gap. C3 Pathways developed a response process that integrates Police, Fire, and EMS so the shooter is stopped quickly, and victims are rescued quickly, which results in saving more lives. C3 Pathways provides the process, curricula, and training so you can close the gap.

C3 Pathways



Trainees take place in front of a visual display as the Incident Commander in a virtual ADMS environment, where they will command virtual resources by voicing commands and walk or drive around by joystick to explore the scene. In turn, either staff (facilitator) or another trainee as a Field Unit will input the commands from the Incident Commander. The resources will perform the commands in real-time and provide the trainees with live visual feedback of their commands. This type of training leads to a higher immersion level for trainees, and ultimately a better and more effective training experience.

Command Training - ETC Simulation

Crisis Response Leader Training

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CRLT's solution is a robust software simulation that allows participants to discuss consequence management through an automated interface, similar to traditional tabletop excersises but modernized through powerful Artificial Intellligence to make the experience more engaging, efficient, and meaningful.

Crisis Response Leader Training

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