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Battlespace Simulations

Bohemia Interactive Simulations


VBS4 is a whole-earth virtual desktop trainer and simulation host that allows you to create and run any imaginable military training scenario. The VBS4 workflow steps the user through Prepare - Execute - Assess phases, facilitating fast and effective skills enhancement. In VBS4, users create “Battlespaces” that are a collection of terrain edits, mission plans, scenario files, and after-action reviews.

VBS4 | BISim

Eolian VR


ARTAK is designed to provide enhanced situational awareness and 3D mission planning capabilities for its users. ARTAK was prototyped under an Other Transaction (OT) Agreement between Eolian and USSOCOM. ARTAK leverages a patented method and system optimized for massive multiuser and edge-based augmented reality, virtual reality, as well as mobile devices.


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